Long View Hill

Why I started this blog:

I’ve always been someone who enjoys the process of writing.  Over the years I’ve had a number of diaries, journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, legal pads full of scribbles, online blogs and so forth.  The format changed depending on what was available at the time, but intent was the same – to take all these crazy thoughts and whirlwind ideas and get them down on the page somewhere.  Journals have helped me through good times and bad. (Okay, mostly bad.  When life is really good, I’m usually too busy to remember to write!)

I’m starting this blog for a number of reasons.  I’ve been struggling with some of those big life questions – What are my goals?  Who do I want to be?  What do I want to be?  Where am I going? and How the heck am I going to get there?  I’ve been reading a lot, thinking a lot and I’ve gotten to a spot where I need someplace to gather everything together – someplace to make sense of it all.  This isn’t about trying to come up with universal truths or even trying to answer questions for anyone else.  This is about me.

Long View Hill

The “Hill” portion of the name of this blog comes from a lot of places.  I live in an area that is defined by three neighborhoods, all with the name Hill in them.  Where I live: my state, my city and my town all have a way of defining me right now.  It is part of what I am thinking about.

I also chose hill because it fits in a metaphorical sense.  I’m not at all worried about being “over the hill” but I am in the middle part of my life.  Part of what I am defining is what that means to me – what does the past mean, and what does the future hold?

My last name comes into play here, as well.  My last name is based off of my ancestors who apparently built their homes in up in the hills and high places of their mostly flat country.  It was unusual enough that they got names after it, apparently.

Finally, I have this mental image when I think of a view from a hill – not of a guru sitting atop a mountain, but instead me, sprawled out on the side of a hill, laying in the grass, shoes off, looking at the sky, the clouds and world around me.  I am hoping that this blog will help me figure out my own long view from my very own hill.

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