I just read a wonderful post by Leigh on her blog: In Case I’m Gone.  Here is an excerpt:

Slow Down

by leighmcg3 on May 22, 2012

I have a tendency to rush. Not rush my work per say, but to feel burdened by the sense of what I need to accomplish, then flap around trying to complete everything faster and more efficiently. I’m a multi-tasker to the extreme and for the most part I’m quite highly functioning. The thing is, when I really stop to consider my behavior – which is rare, because who has the time to do that? – I realize that I’m not necessarily enjoying myself. For all my efficiency I’m stretched a bit thin and I’m becoming aware that I often miss moments thinking about, or dealing with, something else. I like completing tasks. I like checking things off my list. But for all the things I do, my list is never shorter. There’s always something else to add, handle or deal with. Maybe it’s the life of a mother, or a woman, or just the general burden of adulthood.  I’m just not sure it’s the best way to live.

Go over to Leigh’s blog to read the rest – it is beautifully written and well worth the time.

It seems since I started thinking about these kinds of things that I am finding inspiration everywhere.  One of the things I am going to do with this blog is put them here to remember and review.  Though I am not a mother, Leigh’s blog frequently inspires me to think about how we look at life and what is important.  “Slow Down” is no exception.


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