Work/Life Balance on the Bering Sea

So, I thought this was interesting:

Handmade Portraits: The Bone Carver from Etsy on Vimeo.

The video itself is lovely.  I find myself interested in people who live close to the earth and continue to make art.  In fact, I think that the urge to create is one of great wonders of the soul.

But what haunts and intrigues me is what he says about finding balance between his work and his way of life. How many people imagine a life of being an artist and living off the land as some kind of idllc paradise?  Yet here is someone, a known, established artist, who lives sustainably and far from modern urban life, and yet, who is still searching for that life/work balance.

Honestly, I find it both frightening and oddly comforting.  Frightening in that it just might be that life/work balance is something of a myth.  That life is really a constantly moving pendulum – and it swings between one and the other, but only hangs completely in the center when the clock is dead.  Comforting because I sometimes question myself and the choices I have made – have I painted myself into some kind of corner?  But if it is really a myth, then the problem is not trying to find balance, but trying to find a way to enjoy the ride.

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