Locked Gates

I just finished reading A Country Road, a Locked Gate and Barriers to Endless Possibilites on the blog Just So You Know. Here’s the sentence that blew my mind: we often tear down fences but leave gates standing. (Go on over and read the post to get the context – it is worth it, I promise.)

This is something I want to meditate on in my own life. I know I have a tendency to put up gates that aren’t there. When it comes to projects or plans, I can be very linier. I go from A to B to C to D very methodically. If I am at point B and there is a reason I can’t progress to C, I can become stymied. The truth is that, frequently, the gate stopping me isn’t really there. I can go around – do point Q, M then V and come back later and do C when I have what I need.

But what the author of A Country Road noticed is how often we erect literral, and figurative, fences and gates to protect things we value – then time passes and the need for the fence disappears, but we continue to leave the gate. Think about old laws that are still on the books, outdated stereotypes, educational requirements that no longer make sense in our modern age – these are the types of figurative gates that seem silly once you look at them closely.

I suspect that there are a few of these gates in my own life – maybe more than a few. I am sure I have some mental barriers that once were logical, but just don’t make sense anymore. How often am I stopping myself for no reason? Is what is holding me back valid – or a construct from another time?  Definitely something to think about.

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