A Little of This, A Little of That

Weighing Fish by indi.caI had a doctor appointment the other day. We were chatting a bit and he mentioned that I weigh the same as when I came to see him the first time in 2006. He was thrilled; in his book I am a success story. I went to him back then because of asthma problems, we tried a few different medications, found a combination that worked, and it has been under control since. My needs, my medical health and my weight have all stayed the same for the last 7 years – which is exactly what he is looking for.

I, however, took it a little hard. I’ve been through a lot in the last few years, and I have certainly had my weight swings. I have lost a lot… and apparently gained it all back. I don’t weigh myself with any regularity, but I’ve known approximately what it was. My belt tells me. Still, I hadn’t quite put together that I am the same as I was in 2006 and for some reason, it really hit me.

2012 was My Year of the Makeover. It started with re-finding the perfect hairdresser. I think all of us ladies have one out there, and if we are lucky, we find them – the one true person who understands our hair better than we do ourselves. I found mine when I was just 16. He did my hair into my early twenties, but then we drifted apart. You know how it goes – years go by, he went and traveled around the country in an RV, I found and discarded a series of hairdressers, and then went ahead and married one, then divorced him… you know, the same old story. Last year though, I ran into him again – my true, perfect hairdresser. I promptly got his number and made an appointment. The old magic was still there. I sat in his chair, and because I am basically a moron when it comes to fashion just said something terribly articulate like, “make me pretty… please.” And he did. The man is a genius.

That inspired me to go get new glasses. I haven’t worn glasses in roughly a decade, but there came the day where I couldn’t tell if the mysterious stranger walking towards me was carrying a large shopping bag or walking a big white dog. I knew it was time to get checked out. I asked friends for where to go, and they recommended a small local boutique. I essentially did the same thing – I sat down, looked around at all the frames in confusion and said to the salesman, “Umm… pick out something pretty for me… please.” He did. My glasses are awesome. They cost me a small fortune, but I figure we’re are talking about my face, so I dropped the coin. Plus I figure I can save up for a couple years before I go again!

Then it was time for my sister to help me out. I had this sneaking suspicion that I needed a makeover. She kindly took me by the hand to Sephoria. My tried and true method of just asking salesgirl to make me pretty paid off again. I then bought whatever she suggested. Yeah… um, not cheap, but once again I am found asking a professional for help is amazingly useful. Now, I actually like my make up. I’m not sure how often I would have said that before.

I’ve also been trying to buy clothes that are better suited for me. It’s hard when you have a number of different jobs like I do – and they all require different wardrobes. I’ve tended to go cheap on clothes. Now I am trying to stick to staples and find them at reasonable prices. I’m still a complete idiot when it comes to this kind of stuff, but I am getting better.

I also know that I look a little different than I did even a year ago. Doing as much walking as I do has changed my body shape to some degree. It is subtle, but I can see the difference in my face. I have better definition and I am sure have more muscle mass, but here I am, at the top of 2013 hearing that overall, I weigh the same as 2006.

So, it is time to do something about that. I am not making any New Years Resolutions or taking any drastic steps. Nor am I turning this blog into a fitness blog. I am, however, going to start monitoring my intake a lot closer. (I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app immediately when I got back to the office from my doctor’s appointment. ) I may write about it – musing, thoughts, ideas – the same kind of posts I have been doing. I have this blog as a place to explore and discover who I am, looking better is going to be part of that process.

Photo credit: indi.ca


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