Sisters QuoteWeight Loss Update:

So, not only is my fabulous boyfriend on the weight loss journey, my sister is trying to take off a few pounds as well. Perhaps it is selfish of me to say this, but this is awesome. I have read that having a “weight loss buddy” is incredibly helpful, and now that I have two, I totally understand why.

Whenever you become focused on something, whether it’s weight loss, building a Deathstar, or urban homesteading, it’s easy to become a bit obsessed. That mental focus starts to drive you – to do research, make plans, try new things.  You are thinking about it all the time, and so, want to talk about it all the time. Having two people in my life that I can share with is wonderful. I know they will both support me and listen when I need to vent. They understand my frustrations… like when my coworkers put things like chocolate covered macadamia nuts and free pizza in the lunch room. (Seriously. Both of these in the lunchroom… which is right next to my desk!)

My boyfriend (who is doing low carb) and I (who is doing low cal) spent about an hour on our phones researching where we could go out for dinner. Neither of us got upset or bored because we were working on it together. I love that we can do that. I love that I can tell him how I am doing and where I am at, and not feel self conscious about it at all.

And as for my sister… we decided on a little competition!

My sister is pretty competitive, and so am I, to some degree. We decided to have a little fun with our weight loss. We each have a goal – first to reach it has to buy the other one the make up item of their choice. She and I like some fairly high end makeup, so this isn’t a little bet.

Then we decided that instead of an either/or bet, we’d do it so the second place person also gets a make up item of their choice… once they hit their goal.

The goals aren’t too high, well within reach, but will be a stretch for both of us. Already we are having fun with it; teasing each other and talking a bit of trash. The important part is that this puts a positive spin on losing weight. I think too often we try to lose weight by saying really negative things to ourselves – and that isn’t how it should be. It needs to be a fun, positive journey. It’s a hard thing to do, so anything we can add to it that is fun and motivating is good in my book!

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