so she took the road less traveled

so-she-took-the-road-less-traveledImage and quote from the wonderful blog: we wander and wonder.

Weight Update AKA My Coworkers Hate Me:

In the couple of weeks, the following items have appeared in my company break room:

Pizza (x2)
Chocolate covered macadamia nuts
Potato chips (x2)
Waffles (Including chocolate chip, my favorite – with real syrup.)
Coffee cake
Cookies (Lofthouse sugar cookies and peanut butter fudge no bake cookies)
Tortilla Chips
Hershey’s miniature chocolate bars
Tootsie pops
Tootsie rolls
Klondike ice cream bars
English muffins with a variety of toppings
Almond Joy coffee creamer
Chocolate covered granola bars
Chocolate covered malt Easter eggs
Homemade, gooey chocolate and nut cookie bars

These are all free, left on the “help yourself” table.

And, I haven’t had any of it.

It isn’t that I couldn’t. I am doing a low-calorie diet, but it doesn’t exclude anything. As my sister pointed out – I could totally have had a Klondike bar …if I was willing to have green beans for dinner. However, as a safeguard I am really trying to limit the amount of “crap” food I let into my diet. If I have a ton of sugar, I tend to crave more sugar. When I look up the calories on a lot of highly processed foods, they just don’t seem worth it. Therefore, I am avoiding as much of it as I can.

I have been trying to eat better now for almost 5 weeks, and I have to laugh as item after delicious item appears in the break room. It feels like my coworkers are trying to see how strong I can be. For the most part, with the exception of those Klondike bars, and maybe the sugar cookies, it really hasn’t been that bad. I bring a lot of nutritious, healthy snacks to work, so I have something to nibble on in place of the goodies. I also make sure to eat enough so I am not feeling like I am starving or having sugar crashes which might send me to the break room.

The one thing that makes this doable? I am seeing results. After 5 weeks, I am down 10 pounds and loving it. Already my face is changing, my clothes are getting looser and I am feeling a lot better. Prior to counting calories with my iPhone app, I would have totally eaten every one of those items on that list – with joy. Now, I prefer to “save” my calories for the end of the day, and when I really want something. I still have the occasional cookie or chocolate, but I do it on days where the rest of my eating makes sense. It feels good, and it feels right.

Now, I just have to convince my coworkers to keep their stupid treats at home!

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