Changing My Way of Thinking

Winter BeachI think the universe is trying to tell me something. Yesterday I posted,”What Are You Afraid Of?” after reading Seth Godin’s post about rehearsing failure versus rehearsing success. Along with reading Mr. Godin’s blog, I’ve also been catching up on the blog Mr. Money Mustache. I say catching up because I ran across it for the first time a few days ago and now I am reading my way through it from the beginning. (It’s a great blog that will force you to rethink your finances.) As I am reading along, I came upon a post from May 28th, 2011 called The Magic of Thinking Big. The author wrote about his experience with the book “The Magic of Thinking BIG” by David J. Schwartz, Ph.D.

Here’s the part that caught my attention:

“In the early chapters, your mind is described as a Thought Factory which employs two Foremen: Mr. Triumph and Mr. Defeat.

If you put Mr. Defeat in charge, he will very patiently have your factory workers present reasons you cannot achieve what you would like to achieve. You’re too old, or busy, or too overweight, or not qualified for the job.

If Mr. Triumph takes the floor, he switches the thought production completely. Now, every goal you set starts with the immediate assumption that it IS possible. Mr. Triumph already knows he will win, his job is simply to lay out the steps required to get to that goal, and to keep you excited about cranking through these steps.”

Okay, I’ll grant you, it seems a bit hokey. But remember, I’ve just been spending the last couple of days meditating about how often I rehearse failure scenarios in my mind. To hear the same thing from a book from the 80s that I haven’t even read feels like the universe is seriously tugging on my sleeve.

There is something else out there I should be doing, I can feel it. I’m not sure what form it will take or what the next steps are, but I think it is time to start dreaming big.

…and shove Mr. Defeat back under the couch where he belongs!


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