Selling and Buying

Money by AaronPatterson“Expenditure always rises to meet income.”
– C. Northcote Parkinson (July 30, 1909 – March 9, 1993)

That’s the law of finance that I am trying to beat. It is not that I don’t believe it is true – I know it is true. My goal is to try and do something about it, and I’ve made a couple of more steps in that direction.

First the selling – In addition to trying to sell some of my clothing through consignment, I just sold a ring my ex-husband had given me. It was a cute little ring and I liked it, but there were too many memories associated with it. I took it to a jeweler that bought it for the gold. Those dollars went straight into my Jump Fund. I could have probably sold it through eBay or something like that, but this was simple and easy and I was happy with it.

Now the buying – A couple of years ago I switched most of light bulbs over to cfls. I happened to get my electrical bill last week and noticed that my electrical usage is climbing. Since doing my big change over, a few (new to me) lamps have snuck their way into my house with standard incandescent bulbs, so I popped over to the store and picked up some new bulbs.

Dryer balls

When I was at the store, I noticed these dryer balls. I’ve heard good things about these in the past, and since I am nearly out of fabric softener it seemed like a good time to try them out. Plus, if they decrease drying time, that will also help the electrical bill.

I also dusted off the old drying rack. There are certain things I really like to put through the dryer, like towels, but there are plenty of others that can air dry. Or even dry partially in the dryer and then finish up in air. The first load that I ran with the dryer balls really seemed to work well, so I feel good about that.

Of course, unlike selling that old ring, these little purchases aren’t going to let me take cash and put it directly in my Jump Fund. First they have to pay for themselves (though they were pretty inexpensive) and even then, tracking the actual change they end up making is going to be tough to do. However, my goal isn’t just to put money aside for when I decide to change my life, it is also to see if there are some simple ways I can decrease my monthly bills. The less money I am spending on day to day things like utilities, the more flexibility I will have.

My boyfriend and I were talking about this a little the other night. The truth is, I don’t know what it is that I want to do, I just know that it isn’t what I am doing now. That isn’t to say my life is bad, it isn’t! It is full of great and wonderful things. I just get the feeling there is more out there… and I am going to find it.


Photo credit: Aaron Patterson

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