The New Wardrobe

Shop by Steve SnodgrassI have so many blog ideas floating around in my head right now that it’s hard to know where to start. Let’s kick off with a weekend update, since that is the most time sensitive. Once again, it was great. Even though I hate the month of March, I’ve actually had some wonderful weekends of late. (March in the Midwest is one big tease. One day it is 40 degrees, dark and rainy, but with spring shoots popping up and snow melting everywhere and you think, “Okay, spring is nearly here, I can do this.” Then the next day you walk outside and there is an inch of snow, dashing all your spring dreams. March sucks.)

This weekend I was able to spend time with two great friends, get in some long walks with the dog, make some delicious food, read, nap, drink a little wine, spend time with my boyfriend and his kids, and even get a few things done around the house. On top of all that, I got to go shopping with my sister!

She and I have had a little competition going on the weight loss. Since we both hit our goals – it was time to reap the rewards. New makeup for both of us! Then we hit the discount store to find a few new clothes for me. The idea was to pick out a few pairs of pants and a couple of tops. My clothes are getting pretty big, (I am down 18 lbs. now,) and I have two trade shows coming up. Em (which is what I am going to call her, since calling her “my sister” is getting a little awkward,) was determined to get me some “cute” clothes. She felt that I shouldn’t feel frumpy while losing weight; that it would be more motivating to be in clothes that actually fit me.

Well, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure at first. I’ve been getting some preverse pleasure out of wearing baggy clothes. It’s been proof to myself of how much I’ve lost. I knew I needed pants, (I couldn’t belt things much more than I was,) but I figured the tops would be okay. Em had other ideas. When we hit the pants rack, I went to the size 12s – she went right to the 10s. She warned me that she was picking things out that weren’t what I usually wore, (I think by that she meant things that were actually in style for this decade*.) I told her I’d be open to anything, Em always looks fabulous, and I decided to just trust her.

Turns out she was right – on several levels. First, I actually ended up buying size 10 pants! I haven’t worn size 10s since high school… Freshman year! She also selected a number of tops for me, size Large. That’s another size I haven’t worn in a couple of decades. I let her pick out nearly everything, peppered with lots of questions from me: Now how do I wear this again? What should I wear under it? How do I wear that?

I ended up getting more than just a couple things – I’ve practically got a whole new wardrobe! Not only did we get tops and pants, but also tanks, leggings, new bras and even running clothes. And she’s right, it is more motivating. It feels great to look in a mirror now and think, “That’s me!” Plus, everything she picked out will transition well into spring, and much of it into summer. That’s perfect because as much as I love the season of spring, I never seem to have spring clothes. I spent more than I anticipated, but I feel absolutely no guilt.

Believe me, I know that happiness is not about material things. I got some new clothes, but I wasn’t looking at designer labels, I was shopping in discount stores and a few other spots where things were on sale. I’ve never paid much attention to how I look, because once I reached a certain size, it was easier not to care than to fight a society that doesn’t cater to larger women. Now I’m having fun, playing dress up and trying out a new look. It’s exciting, and as I said to my boyfriend last night, I am going to look far better at 40 than I ever did at 30! I love it!

Photo credit: Steve Snodgrass

* She’s got me in skinny pants. Skinny. Pants.

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