One Step Closer

run! by gemslingOh my goodness – I had an absolutely wonderful experience at my run clinic last night! I learned so much and I am so glad I went. My Marathon Running Coworker laughed when he heard I had gotten a book out from the library on running. He said, “What do you need know? Just get out and run!” When my Fashionista Coworker heard I was going to a run clinic, she siad, “Of course, you are. You are so education based!” And it’s true, I am. Especially when it comes to something I know nothing about. No, wait, I do know something – I know you can really injure yourself if you aren’t careful. (Hmmm… seems like education is a good thing!) The clinic was a perfect way to get some hands-on knowledge.

The class went like this: it started with a discussion of what works, and what doesn’t. We talked about good form, why it makes a difference, and did some physical movement so we could actually feel our muscles moving correctly. Then we headed out into the store. All of us ran from one end to the other while they filmed it. We did that twice, once with shoes and once without. Then it was back into the classroom to talk technique.

It sounds silly, and there was a little red faced shuffling when we heard we were going to run through a store while people were shopping! But, there were 12 of us in the class, from never-having-run-me, to weekend warriors, to track coaches, and we all did it. It was quick, and really pretty painless.

The instructor was great, he really showed us what we were doing – and what we were doing wrong. Again, it sounds terrible – having to see yourself running on video (projected on a huge wall), but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Since we watched it in slow mo and stop frame, it was fairly blurry, which meant that all the embarrassing parts were blurred right out. What you could see was form – and that was the important part. It was fascinating, and by the end of the class, all of us could identify common problems.

I had some rather unique problems. Pretty much everyone in the class had the same sorts of things, and after awhile, all of us could spot them. But, me? I like to be special!

Actually it is a symptom of never having run. Honestly, the length of the store is the longest I’ve run in something like 25 years. That is no exaggeration. Only good news is that it means that I don’t have any engrained habits. While I have some work to do, it isn’t like I am fighting years of training. The instructor gave me some exercises to help and I really feel like I can make use of the knowledge.

I picked up shoes and running socks while I was there, but I still have to find that elusive sports bra. (I tried some on there, but I ran out of time and I need to go back.) I am constantly getting closer and closer to taking that first run. A little better weather and a few more minor things, and I’ll be there. Looking forward to it!

Photo credit: gemsling

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