Thoughts in the Shower

I love this blog post from Teetotal for Two, “Who Do You Shower With?” Here’s an excerpt:

…no, not like that.  What kind of blog do you think this is?!

I mean, who do you think about?

What argument do you play over in your mind?  What hurtful words do you hear on your repeat?  What stinging and witty comeback do you plot in minute detail?  Whose birthday present do you plan?

I’m betting, if you’re anything like me, you don’t shower alone.

Click on over there and read the whole thing for yourself – it’s good stuff and got me thinking. I know I am guilty spending every moment of every day constantly thinking about… something.  It also reminds me of this TED Talk by Andy Puddicombe:

At several points in my life I have made time for meditation. Lately? Not at all. Teetotal for Two’s idea of simply taking that time in the shower to be present in the moment is beautiful in its simplicity. I think I will give it a try!


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