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Run Number Four

The snowdrops are just beginning to open here.

The snowdrops are just beginning to open here.

I ran again this weekend. I am, of course, still doing intervals – warmed up and cooled down with 4 min. walk / 1 runs and did 3 walk / 2 runs for the rest of the time. Total time: 40 minutes. This time I decided to just go ahead and run in the neighborhood. I wanted to go to a park, but time-wise, it just turned out to be easier to head right out of the house. That might end up being a theme – parks on the weekdays, neighborhood on the weekend. We’ll see, after all, I am still figuring this all out!

It was pretty chilly Saturday morning, gray and breezy, but that was rather nice – it meant other than fellow runners, I had the roads to myself. I was out fairly early too, before 9:00 AM. Overall, it went well, and there were even a few minutes that I could relax into it a bit. I did have to laugh though – on my way back, my running pants started sliding down! I was wearing tights, so there wasn’t a possibility of an accidental showing or anything, but still, what is it with my running clothes trying to come off my body?! The last time it was my UnderArmor shirt trying to come up over my head. Do my clothes want me to run in the nude??

I’m pretty happy with my running – it’s so early, it’s hard to tell, but I like doing it so far. I am looking forward to a time where I can run continuously for longer distances. I did try pushing my 2 minute runs out a little – after the 2 minute marker I would pick a landmark in the distance and run a little further – to the next tree or to the end of the block. Hopefully I will be at 3 minute runs soon. My next run is tomorrow and, lucky me, it is supposed to rain. (Snow, rain, wind – welcome to spring in the midwest.) I’m not really afraid of running in the rain, as long as it is a moderate. I am out in the rain a lot with the dog, so it doesn’t bother me much. I wish I had better gear for it, but I am sure I can cobble something together with my dog walking rain gear. It may not be pretty, but it will keep me dry… more or less.

Put on those shoes! Let's gooooooooo!

Put on those shoes! Let’s gooooooooo!

Other than running, I’ve been doing a lot of walking. I was dog sitting my sister’s pooch this week and he and Hermes really worked me out. Not only did they get me out of the house a lot, but they also worked my shoulder muscles! Nothing like two very determined dogs on leashes to work the arms and shoulders!

So, the whole week was good from an exercise standpoint. I’ve also ordered some brand new resistance bands. I took some with me on my last trip and they were a great, easy-to-pack way to weight lift while traveling. Unfortunately, my bands were pretty old, and much to my chagrin, they started snapping and breaking. That’s a little scary, to be honest. So, I hopped online and ordered a new set, and those came in at the end of last week. The set I got seems quite nice and I am pretty excited about them.

The other project for the weekend was cleaning and organizing my closet where I keep my workout gear. This closet gets used for a little of everything: hand weights, my yoga mat, rags and products for cleaning, my tool bag, vacuum, mops and brooms, plus board games and extra candles. In other words, kind of a mess. I took everything out, added a small bookshelf for more storage, and put it all back in in a way that makes sense. Now I just need to do that with all the closets in my house!

Photo credit: Spring is Here! (snowdrop) TschiAe

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