Yes, it IS Cold in Here

cold in the office again

This is not me, but I understand your pain Lara604.

Skinny ladies, I apologize.

All those times you complained about being cold, I was one of the ones saying, “It isn’t cold in here!” I was also the one who secretly thought you should just put on a sweater, and behind your back, I said things like “What she really needs to do is eat a sandwich.” I said that a lot. I was wrong. I am so sorry. The truth is:

It really is cold in here.

You look great. The sandwich thing? That was the green eyed monster speaking.

Look, to be fair, when you are carrying extra weight, being hot is terrible. We sweat – and it shows. There is almost no relief when you are hot, especially in an office environment where the windows don’t open. I really was fine, and I really didn’t want the heat turned up.

But now, I know. I understand your pain. I am cold all. the. time. It doesn’t help that the only clothes I have that fit will be incredibly cute for spring, but spring is taking its slow sweet time here in the midwest. I don’t own any sweaters that are in my size, and since I don’t know what size I will be in the fall, I don’t really want to buy any. I have changed the heating vents at my office so the heat blows directly on me, and that helps… when the heat is on. I am wearing layers, but still, I am freezing.

Ladies, I seriously didn’t know what you were going through. I’ve always rather liked the cold. Winter would be my favorite season, if it weren’t for icy roads and snow shoveling. Being cold always felt manageable, like there was something you could do about it, whereas being hot was always terrible for me. I also have always loved bulky sweaters and big wool blazers. I never felt the cold.

Until now. As I type this my fingers are freezing. I have my coat draped over my shoulders. I feel like Bob Cratchit wishing Ebenezer would be a little more liberal with the coal, dang it. I have a cup of hot tea that I keep on my desk primarily for warming my hands. I now understand.

So I promise – no matter what happens with my own weight, I will never again imply that if you are cold, you should eat more. I also promise that I will never suggest you just add a sweater, and if maintenance asks about turning up the heat, I will stand with you!

Photo credit: Lara604

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