Variety is the Spice of Life

Weight Loss Update:

Yes, even these started to look good.

Yes, even these started to look good.

I haven’t written about my weight loss in a while, so I thought I would spend a few moments getting caught up. Overall, things are going very, very well. I started at 171.5 on Jan. 15 and am down around 143 (the actual number fluctuates a bit, but I’m right in there.) I am looking forward to hitting the big 3-0, but I am not in a rush, either. Everything will happen at its own pace.

I say that because things have slowed down a lot. For awhile I could count on pretty consistent losses, but lately I have been fluttering back and forth with the same 2-3 pounds. I won’t lie, it is a little frustrating. My sister suggested that my body is finding its ideal weight, which makes sense to me. I’ve also been fairly rough on myself the last couple of months – a lot of travel, a lot of stress – those don’t help. Here’s the thing – while it would be fun to see what I look like under 140, I love the way I look now. If I don’t ever lose another pound, I am okay with that.

As for what I am doing – none of that has changed. I use My Fitness Pal to track calories. I shoot to hit a bit below the goal they give me, while making sure that it doesn’t yell at me for not eating enough. No food is off-limits, but I do concentrate on eating mostly plants and lean proteins.

Lately though, I have had to deal with cravings. I hear people talk about having cravings all the time, but until recently, they haven’t been a problem for me. Usually if I have a specific craving, I figure my body is telling me something – sometimes it is a needed nutrient, (Craving steak? Maybe I am low on iron.) and sometimes it is a symptom of something emotional. (Craving chocolate? How are the stress levels?) I normally just have a bit of whatever it is and the problem is solved. Typical cravings for me are: olives, chocolate, garlic, wine, steak, potatoes, cheese and sushi. What’s been happening lately is very different. Instead of honing in on something specific, I want, well, everything. My brain goes something like this:

I could go for a burrito right now. No, fried chicken, no… fried fish. Yep, fish. Or maybe a steak, or surf and turf, or you know, I could really just use a brownie. Actually, a latte with lots of caramel would do the trick, or maybe a malt. Ice cream. Or a smoothie, or maybe a hamburger with some French fries. Or chips and cheese. Or sushi. Chocolate chip cookie? Any of those would be good…

It’s like my brain is driving through America’s strip malls and going nuts! At first I blamed it on the travel – walking through an airport is kind of like walking through my mind right now, but it’s been more than a week since I have flown, so that doesn’t feel right. It was like what I was craving was… variety.

And laying in my bed, in the middle of the night, it hit me – that was exactly what was going on. While nothing is off limits, I didn’t have a lot of variety in the house. I cleared out the cupboards pretty good before my first business trip, and then cleaned them out yet again before the second. I’ve been back over a week, but I haven’t done a lot of shopping. I have food in the house, but there isn’t a lot of different foods. I grabbed a pen and a pad of paper and by flashlight, I made a list of all the things I was eating before I started traveling. It was quite a list. For example: I love having prepackaged cheese in the house. It makes a great snack. My favorite is the little Babybel cheeses, and I had a whole Costco sized pack of them, but before, I had Babybels, plus two different kinds of string cheese. I love apples and had some, but before I had oranges, Mineolas, strawberries, and grapefruits, plus lots of veggies like carrots and celery. I finally figured it out – I was just bored!

So, the next day, I went shopping. I stocked my cupboards and fridge with things I love plus I added a few new things to try. Having a whole stock of things to choose from did the trick – cravings are pretty much gone.

…well, I still want a burrito.


Photo credit: Thoth, God of Knowledge

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