Hot Run, Cool Location

River by Thomas's Pics

Doesn’t this look cool and pretty?

Run Thirteen

They say one of great things about spring in the Midwest is that you can get frostbite and sunburn in the same week. Ha! It’s true. Run Thirteen took place on hot, sticky day. A couple of people in my office knew I was running that day and they looked at me incredulously, “You are running today??”


I mean, let’s face it – it is just going to get hotter. We aren’t even in June yet. I might as well figure out my strategies now. Each week I look at my calendar and pick out which days I can run. (I try to run 3 times a week, but it doesn’t always work out that way.) This was one of the few days I could go, so I was determined to get out – despite the heat.

I had a plan. I headed straight over to River Park. We’ve got a good-sized river that flows through our fair city and, naturally, a number of parks along it. River Park is not only is right on the river, but it is also quickly becoming a favorite place to run. I lucked out – though it was hot out, there was also a good stiff breeze blowing and coming off the water. It felt great! Not only could I run along the water, but there is also a bridge there with a nice sidewalk – I could even be on the river.

The run went really, really well. I am following a 5K training program, though at this point, I am not thinking about racing.* So, I am still running intervals, but getting stronger every single day. This run made me happy. It would have been easy to bail due to the weather, but instead it turned out to be a beautiful day. I am glad I did it!

And now I know a great place to run when it gets really hot this summer!


* I had to rephrase that sentence three times. The old me would have never, ever considered running a race. I went into running feeling that way, and that’s still how I lean. However, I am also trying to be really open to life’s opportunities. I spent a lot of time saying, “I won’t ever do that.” Now I am trying to be more open-minded. I’m trying to wrap my brain about doing things I never thought I would do: going to a gym, wearing skinny jeans, taking fitness classes… running! So, who knows what the future might bring?


Photo credit: Thomas’s Pics

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