A New Source of Inspiration.

Yes! Love this!

Yes! Love this!

My boyfriend, Julian, has a friend who has recently started working out. She liked the “Ripped Goddess” page on Facebook and it caught his eye so he clicked over. It’s a page dedicated to working out and fitness, but it has a great vibe. It is very inclusive and has a lot of motivational catchphrases like the one to the right here I took off her page.

It might not be for everyone – there are quite a few photos of ripped abs, and I understand that may not be everyone’s cup of tea – however, I found a lot of it really inspiring. I loved how many of the photos people posted of themselves were “Before” and “During.” During, as in a work still in progress. With as many fans as the page has, it looks like there are a few trolls in comments, but I just skipped over that and instead enjoyed looking at the photos. It’s starting to help me figure out what I want for myself.

I’ve said before that my goal is to be “fit.” That’s what appeals most to me. I love the idea of having a strong physique – not necessarily bodybuilder strong like some of these gals – but being able to lift and carry with ease. And I have to say, the women that I see on Ripped Goddess are so much sexier than the women I see in fashion magazines!

I’ll add this – I was so inspired by that little quote up there, that even though I had to run around like crazy on my lunch hour on Monday, I still managed to get in an extra 20 minute walk on my lunch hour. I went to five different stores trying to get everything done, then flew back to the office, parked the car, and went out and power walked. I have a busy week this week and I am trying to get in any extra exercise any way I can. It felt great, and since it was unseasonably cold, but bright and sunny, I could really hustle without sweating much (important when you have to go back to the office!)

I am going to leave you with one more bit of inspiration I got from Ripped Goddess. This one really struck home:

Loving Me

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