Don’t Mind Me… Or My Pants

And Round! By Lachlan Hardy

I may just need a set of suspenders like these.

Run Fifteen

As I have mentioned, Spring in the Midwest is a time for unpredictable temperatures. (To say the least.) Run Fifteen took place on a cold, wet, rainy day. A day so cold that occasionally there were snowflakes in between the raindrops. In other words, just a plain nasty day.

But the truth is, I like running in cold weather. Somewhere I read that while running, your body feels roughly 20 degrees warmer than the air temperature. It was a tip to help plan on how to dress for runs. I don’t know if it is right or not, but I would far rather have cold hands than sweat running down my face. (Lucky me – I’m going to get both!)

I drove over to Creek Park. I’ve written about Creek Park before; as the moniker I have given it implies, it is a nice little park alongside a creek. The place gets crazy busy in nice weather, but tends to be pretty quiet in bad weather. (Well, I suppose most parks are quiet when it is cold and terrible outside.) It has a nice long loop of a running/walking trail that I like. The goal for the run was to do my very first 1/1 intervals, (one minute run/one minute walk) and Creek Park seemed like a good spot to go.

It was pretty quiet, except for a large group of high schoolish aged young men and some coaches running baseball drills in the center of the park. Since they weren’t on the trail, they didn’t bother me. I did a five-minute warm up walk and then started in. And… that’s when I started to feel it. My running pants were heading south!!

Why do I have so many running related wardrobe malfunctions??

Seriously, it is silly! Now, no one was going to see anything. I was wearing tights under my running pants, (which is probably why they were able to slip down!) The problem was more that I needed to hike them up, and of course, I was right next to the guys practicing their batting. Let’s be honest, there ain’t nothing subtle about a runner hiking up her drawers! I managed to get the waistband shoved up under my running belt, and then headed over to the parking lot. My running belt holds my phone and car keys and is pretty secure. In the lot (away from prying eyes) I readjusted everything the best I could. Then it was time to take off again!

Fortunately, it worked out. I was able to run the rest of my intervals without losing any clothing or any other crazy mishaps. I LOVED doing the 1/1 intervals. I feel so much closer to being “there” – a real runner! Awesome.

Next step – buy another set of running pants, a size (or two) smaller!


Photo credit: Lachlan Hardy

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