A Right Hook

Pin Glove Boxing by TracyThe other day I bought a Women’s Boxing DVD.

I won’t say which one because this isn’t a review and I haven’t had time to really get into it yet. This is more about why I wanted to buy a boxing DVD in the first place. It’s simple really, I want to learn how to box.

I’ve always enjoyed watching boxing matches – particularly during the Olympics. This tends to surprise people who know me, but nonetheless, I have always admired the sport. My admiration, however, never really slipped into ambition for myself. Well okay, when I saw “Million Dollar Baby” I might have had a few thoughts along that line, but who didn’t?

Lately, as I have been thinking about working out and practical ways to build my muscles, I started thinking about boxing. The truth is, when I am thinking about it, I’m not thinking about getting in the ring and actually duking it out with some other gal, what I am thinking about is learning how to hit.

I just really want to know how to throw a punch. Is that strange? I’m not a fighter, I’m basically a pacifist. I freeze at the site of danger. I hate conflict – even seeing other people in an argument makes me very, very uncomfortable. But wanting to throw a punch isn’t about me wanting to “knock someone’s lights out” it’s more about just wanting to know how it’s done. I want to learn the technique.

I could be wrong, but I feel like men are given lessons as they grow up on how to fight. Sooner or later most boys get into some kind of scrap, or even if they don’t, I feel like they talk about it a lot. The girls I grew up with weren’t like that. Oh, I knew a couple of gals who fought, but it wasn’t like I learned anything about fighting from them. I’ve never taken a kickboxing or self-defense class, and I admit, I am curious.

Now, I know this is just a workout DVD. It isn’t like it came with a heavy bag. I expect from what I have seen of it so far, it will be similar to taking a kick class – but without the one-on-one coaching. But still… it’s a start – a fun one! And who knows, in the fall (when my schedule lightens up) perhaps I will take the next step and take a class or two. Julien asked me if I would consider taking a martial arts course. I also know a former MMA fighter who now coaches who might be open to some training sessions.

Nothing is set in stone so far. For now, I am going to enjoy my DVD and see what it feels like. It’s all part of being open to trying new and fun things!


Photo credit: Tracy

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