Dog Injuries and Walks Curtailed

My dog is injured.Dog Leash by Nicholas Hollows

Last Wednesday I awoke in the middle of the night to find my dog in distress. When I turned on the light he lept into my arms, crying and whimpering. Now, my dog is not allowed on the bed, he doesn’t vocalize and he certainly doesn’t cuddle. I knew there was something really, really wrong. It turned out to be a long light.

In the morning, after trip to the vet for x-rays and an exam, it turned out that he has a bulging disc. The prescription, for now, is ani-inflammatory meds, a pain killer and crate rest. No walks, no playing and no stairs for seven days. I’m incredibly grateful that Hermes didn’t have to have emergency surgery (something that felt like a very real possibility at 4:00 AM when he was panting and shaking so hard the bed moved,) but crate rest has been hard on both of us. Walking is what we do.

I can walk alone, of course. I got a solo walk in on Friday morning and another one this morning, (the weekend ended up being so busy I didn’t have time to workout at all,) but I really miss walking with my pooch. I feel safer with him along and, in general, it is just more fun checking out the city with my little pal. I will say that I can walk a lot faster without him (I sniff a lot less trees,) but I find myself less inclined to go out at all. That’s actually really bad, because walking really helps my stress levels, and those have been a bit rocky as of late.

He seems to be doing better. Everyday he gets a little bit more like himself. His ears are perking up again and he is starting to wag his tail more. He’s actually sniffing around again when I take him out in the yard – the night it happened, he just sat in the driveway and leaned against me. My little hound never gives up a chance to sniff around! Theoretically, his crate rest restrictions end Thursday, but I will still want to take it easy with him. There are worst case scenarios with this, and it involves paralyzation, so we’ll be easing into our routines again slowly.

I can’t wait to have my buddy back at full strength again.


Photo by: Nicholas Hollows


3 thoughts on “Dog Injuries and Walks Curtailed

  1. I feel your pain 100%. Mine hiked with me every single day, and when she stopped being able to keep up, I gave up hiking completely, which was really bad for me. Now, she and I go out for 10 minutes together, slowly, then I put her back in the yard and get a good 45 minute power-walk. I still am plagued with guilt (she really wants to come), but it beats seeing her limping around the next day. They break your heart, don’t they?

    • Wow – you do know what I am going through!! Right now I am doing the same thing – taking him out for a very, very slow stroll for just a few minutes and then going out on my own. It breaks my heart too, but you are right – we have to do what we have to do to protect our pals.

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