Success – My First Official 2 Mile Run!

Glouster Geen-Oxford by kamshots Mission accomplished:

I ran 2 Miles. (and a bit more!)

I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to make it at first. I went after work in the neighborhoods around my office. I prefer to run in parks, but I had a post run date that night with my 3 year old niece (who hereafter shall be known as Little Fish,) and there aren’t any good parks for running between my office and my sister’s house. I thought there was one, but when I drove over on my lunch hour on a scouting mission, it turned out to have a boat ramp, softball and soccer fields, but no walking or running trails. So, I hit the sidewalks instead.

I know these neighborhoods a little bit. I’ve walked them on my lunch hour several times. However, the distance you can go when walking versus running are pretty different. I was heading a bit into uncharted waters.

The run started poorly. I had drank a bit too much water at work, and was really feeling it at first. On top of that, my music went awry. After reading that Haruki Maruakmi prefers classic rock for his runs, I thought I would give it a try. I’ve been listening to CCR, which went really well. Credence tends to have song that get me moving, and I know them so well I can listen to them without losing focus. Next I thought I would try the Rolling Stones. The problem was that, unlike Credence’s “Chronicle”, I didn’t vet my Stones album nearly enough. On my last run I hit “Angie,” and while I love that song, it is not good for running. On this run I hit “Fool to Cry.” Not only is “Fool to Cry” one of the slowest paced songs, it is also one I just loath. So, here I am, trying to run but just getting angrier and angrier at the voices in my head! When my little RunKeeper lady announced my pace, I found out that my anger was killing my pace. Fortunately even bad, slow songs have to end eventually.

Once that evened out, so did my body. I started finding my pace. I had set RunKeeper to update me every four minutes, which seemed really long. I had gotten used to announcements every minute, (since that’s how I track intervals,) and four minutes seemed like eternity, but I suspect it is better for me in the long run.*

I ran roughly a mile and a quarter one way and then looped back. I gave myself a little extra distance since I have been known to pick up the pace at the end, resulting in me running out of loop too soon. That didn’t happen this time. I hit 2 miles with still roughly a quarter to go. When RunKeeper announced that 2 miles, I slowed to a walk and fist pumped the air in glee.

Then I looked up. The last quarter mile left to me was all downhill and completely shaded. “Rock and a Hard Place” just started up. I knew I had no excuse to walk. After a second or two, I picked my feet back up and ran the rest of the way!

First two mile run, done! I can now cross that off my list!

After the run, I drove over to my sister’s house and got to have my swim date with Little Fish. We had so much fun in the pool – and I can’t even tell you how great that water felt. Honestly, it was one of the best workout nights ever.

I do have a new goal for running – to run 100 miles by December 1st. I am 14 miles in on that goal. With the number of weeks remaining until then, I have to do about 5 miles a week to hit it. It’s going to be a bit of a stretch goal for me, but very doable. I know there will be weeks where I won’t be able to run, and that’s going to make it tough. However, I am getting faster (hit my fastest time ever on this last run) and should be up to 3 miles soon. That should help offset any busy weeks. I’m tracking it, of course, and I will let you know how it goes!


Photo credit: kamshots on flickr

* HA! I love puns.

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