The Morning Dog Walk

good morning from the dog

Umm… Mom? I think you should get up now. I sense that there are bunnies outside.

I was just considering writing about my early mornings with Hermes and then I saw Vivienne’s post about her morning wake up calls. I couldn’t resist. Just about 6:30 every morning, I roll over and see this little face, staring at me – Hermes waiting for me to get up and face the day.

This is what I call his “sad eye” face. Hermes doesn’t vocalize at all – no barks or whines. When he wants something he just looks sad, and waits for me to figure out what it is. In the morning, it’s his walk.

If, like on the weekends, I don’t seem to be moving quick enough, he’ll proceed to shake his collar making it rattle. He knows that will always make me open my eyes. (I am a light sleeper.) He’s expecting me to get up, feed him, and then hit the sidewalks for our morning stroll. After all, he has scents to sniff and trees to pee on – this is no time for sleeping in!

Yes! That's better! Nothing like the scent of summer...

Yes! That’s better! Nothing like the scent of summer…

I admit, there are times I resent it. I love sleeping in. I used to be a night owl who would sleep in until the last possible moment. Now that I have a dog, I am pretty much up at 6:30 every morning – even on the weekends. Believe me, there are plenty of times I wish he’d grow some opposable thumbs so he could let himself out and I could get back under the covers! Of course, that is not to be…

On the other hand, walking is my peace, my meditation. It’s now how I wake up in the morning. Even though I am dressed and out the door, I don’t actually feel “awake” for a block or two. I compose blog posts, make mental lists, plan my day and even work through problems on those walks. I know they are good for me – both brain and body.

So, until Julian wins the lotto and hires me my own personal dog walker, I’ll be up, yawning and trudging my way down the road, leash in hand.

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