It’s Late, It’s Dark, and I’m Running

A view from my couch

A view from my couch.

The other night I had a Board meeting, afterwards, I had hoped to run. I had even packed my gear, but somehow when the meeting wrapped up, I ended up driving home instead. I guess I was thinking deeply about the meeting and drove home on autopilot.

Once I got home, I walked the dog (of course,) and then settled in with a book. I had eaten at the meeting, so no need for dinner, and it was nice to just relax for a bit. Then I heard a voice in my head.

“Go run.”

It was 8:30 at night, I told the voice. I was tired, I had a had a long day. I wanted to sit on my couch with my book and my dog!

“Go run.” it said.

I ignored it successfully for about a half hour. Then, I got up and put my running clothes and shoes on. That’s how I ended up running through my neighborhood at 9:30 at night.

Is this how addictions start?

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