Weekend Plans

New_DayThis week was almost a run-less week. My freelance work that has kicked into high gear, plus some added busyness from the non-profit Board I am on, kept me hopping all week. Unfortunately, this pattern is going to continue right on into the holiday weekend. The silver lining is that, even though I have a lot of work to do, most of it will be in blocks. That should leave other blocks of time open which will let me run or at least get in some kind of workout.

I did manage to squeeze in a short 20 minute jog on Thursday morning, but that’s been it so far. My weight is up too. Just a smidgen, nothing to be overly concerned with, but something for me to keep in mind for the weekend. In fact, I think I am going to try to use these three days to do a bit of a reset. All the stress and work lately has knocked my eating a bit out of alignment and I haven’t been getting nearly enough sleep.

I would have loved to been able to get up to my cabin, but the freelance work just won’t allow for it. That’s okay, Hermes isn’t quite to full capacity, and the cabin just isn’t as fun if I my little buddy can’t go on long hikes through the woods with me. He has another vet appointment on Tuesday, but so far he is recovering really well. He’s almost back to his old self! Fingers crossed that he stays that way.

So, my plan is to finish up the work I need to do, sleep as much as I need, eat healthy and get in some extra workouts. Believe it or not, that pretty much sounds like the perfect weekend.


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