It’s Coming! It’s Coming! 40!!!

But not for very much longer...

But not for very much longer…

On Friday, I turn 40.

I know those milestone birthdays freak a lot of people out, but I have to admit, I am feeling pretty good about mine. I’ve got some plans for celebrating with friends and family and even a special present for myself – more on that in another post.

Birthdays have never really had a big effect on me, but this year, I have something else going for me: I know I can do anything. I have proof! Check it out:

Six Things I Would Have Said Were Impossible One Year Ago Today

  • That I could run miles without stopping
  • That I would be actively weight lifting
  • That I would kayak, solo, around the lake at my cabin
  • That I would be seriously considering trying any of the following: rock climbing, boxing, joining a gym, running a race, trail running, taking a class in hooping, biking, and getting a swim pass at the local pool. (All items I have looked into or started working towards.)
  • That at 39 I would get in the best shape I have ever been
  • That I would be wearing size 4 jeans

These are just off the top of my head, I’m sure there are more. It’s been a momentous year for me, but the important thing is that I am just getting started! Because that is the deal with birthdays, right? The scary thing is saying to ourselves, “I always thought I would do X by age 25.” It’s the realization that we haven’t done X and we’re not getting any younger. People start putting things aside because they are “too old”: I always planned to write my first novel by 25, I can’t possibly be an athlete over 30, now that I am 40 I’ll never be pretty again, I can’t go back to school and learn a new career now that I am 50… and so on. You know what? That’s bull.

Okay, there are a few select careers that if you wanted to do them, you should have started in your youth – opera singer, ballerina, basketball pro… but just because you may not be performing at the Met doesn’t mean that you can’t take singing lessons, right? The thing is, I have put off a lot of things in my life because I thought they weren’t available to me, either because of my age or my weight. The truth wasn’t that I couldn’t do them, the truth was, I was too scared to try.

Losing weight has not changed what I can do, but spending the last nine months taking risks, setting goals, and achieving them has completely changed how I look at the world. Maybe I am in the middle of my life, but from what I can see from here – the rest is going to be awesome!

2 thoughts on “It’s Coming! It’s Coming! 40!!!

  1. What a fantastic post! I can totally relate with where you were a year ago. Hope I feel the same in two year’s time when my 40th rolls around 😉

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