I Want to Ride My Bicycle… Bicycle… Bicycle

Safety first!

Safety first!

One of my birthday presents this year was a (new to me) bicycle. I don’t think the person who gave it to me meant it as a present, it was just an old Cruiser her folks had laying around, but that’s how I see it! I’ve been wanting a bike all summer, but with Hermes’ medical bills and some unexpected home repairs, I really depleted my funds. With some sadness I had decided to wait on a bike until spring. Then, I was gifted a bike!

I took it over to the local bike repair shop. I had debated on which one to go to, but in the end I am happy I picked the one I did. Bicycling is quite the thing now, and the fancy shops with their super intense Bike People intimidate me a little. This place was great. It was started in 1978, and most of the guys there looked like they had started working there about then. These were the kind of men who wore shop aprons and work shirts, and I didn’t see a speck of neon on any of them.

When it comes to fitness trainers, I’ve heard it said to always go for crusty old guy. (He’s the one who probably knows the most.) Applying that theory to bicycle repair, I had found a whole shop of knowledge! The bike needed new tubes… and I needed a helmet. The gentleman who helped me was awesome. I think it took him awhile to understand exactly how green I really was. He kept asking me questions that I didn’t know how to answer… like you know, what kind of bike I had. I helpfully pointed it out in the repair shop and said, “Ummm… a black one?” (He’s the one who told me it was a Cruiser.)

He walked me through what I’ll to need for my bike – not a sales pitch, more “as you get more experience, here are things to think about,” which was really helpful. He also helped me pick out a helmet and get it fitted to my noggin. Once I had what I needed, both for the bike and my skull, I was set to go riding!

My first ride was awesome! Being on a bike is almost as fun as being on a kayak (and I dream about being back on the kayak.) I rode at a park where I normally run and I went so fast I felt like I was flying! It probably wasn’t that fast really, but when you are used to plodding along, it felt like the wind!

We’ll just have to see how much riding I can get in before it gets too cold. I planning on doing as much as I can. It’s so much fun!

At the park after a great first ride. She may not be fancy, but she's all mine.

At the park after a great first ride. She may not be fancy, but she’s all mine. Note the bell – the guys at the shop put it on as a 40th birthday present for me. How great is that?!?

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