Learning to Hoop!

Hula Hooping Girl by Steven Depolo

Bikes and Hoops!

My birthday last weekend was a celebration of fitness goals. Boxing! Biking! and… HOOPS!

I’ve said before that one of my goals is to learn to hoop. Why? During a garage sale about a year ago or so, Julian brought over two giant hoops that belonged to his kids. The weather was beautiful and practically everyone jumped in on the fun. These were BIG hoops (one is over 5′) and the bigger the hoop, the easier it is. My friends, people shopping our garage sale, tons of folks grabbed a hoop and gave it a whirl.

I didn’t, however. I didn’t know how, and honestly, I was scared of making a fool out of myself. A lot of it had to do with my size. I felt uncomfortable doing something like that in front of people at my weight.

"only the fools end up being cool" by we wander & wonder

“only the fools end up being cool” by we wander & wonder

Julian also happens to have a friend who teaches hooping classes and workshops. We’ve seen her perform several times and each time there is a little girl inside of me squealing, “I want to try that!!” But I never thought I would have the guts. Then I started losing weight, and as I have written about before, getting involved in fitness has helped me get over my fear of looking like a fool. When we were kids learning something new, we didn’t care about being perfect, but somehow, when we get older we develop this weird belief that we should be perfect at anything we try. The fear that we won’t be perfect, that we will look foolish, is what holds us back.

I am feeling better about taking risks, so I decided to find out more about hooping. I had been meaning to ask Julian’s friend if she would maybe do a private lesson, when what should pop up on my Facebook feed? An announcement that she was teaching a Hooping Workshop the day after my birthday! It seemed like kismet. I signed up.

It was fantastic. And you know what? I’m not very good. I doubt anyone after just one workshop is great, but I don’t have a very good sense of my body. I don’t have much rhythm and I am not very flexible. These things that help with learning how to hoop. But who cares? I got a great workout, had fun and learned something new. The class was awesome, the instructor kind, and every one of us dropped, flung and tripped on our hoops. I am covered with tiny, tiny bruises from hip to ankle from when the hoop fell. I’ll probably never perform my hooping in front of people, but would I go to another class? You bet!

Photo credit: Hula Hooping Girl by Steven Depolo

2 thoughts on “Learning to Hoop!

    • It wasn’t too bad! The trick (at least to getting started) was to have one foot slightly in front of the other and move less – not more. The other trick is to have a big hoop. The bigger the hoop, the easier it is! I definitely want to take another class.

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