Lightening My Load

Luggage by robef

A darn good depiction of what my life has felt like lately.

I haven’t dropped off the face of the planet. The last three weeks have been crazy. It took until now to be able to start carving out a little extra time to write.

It started with my birthday at the end of September. Then came my annual garage sale and then, without time to even breathe, I had an out of state work trip. All three of these things had things in common: lots of calories, lots of booze, a lack of exercise and some amount of stress. My birthday was the least amount of stress, and the most amount of exercise. I am happy to be forty, and I went for a run and a bike ride on my birthday, just because I could. The stress came from planning the night of. It ended up being wonderful, (dinner at a great little tapas restaurant with some of my favorite ladies,) but there were a few bumps along the way. Of course the evening itself resulted in plenty of extra calories and booze. It was great though – I’m not complaining! I dove in with both feet, even snagging the last bites of the shared dessert for myself.

The following week was the sale. The garage sale is a big deal – huge. It took two days of prep just to get the house in order. This summer I was up to my eyeballs with two jobs, so the yard work and housework have been a bit neglected. You know that all had to be done before neighbors came traipsing up my drive. That’s all even before the actual sale preparations – there are also garages to be cleaned and swept out (yes, plural garages), tables to be set up, signs to make and much more. I get help, of course, but I am also fairly stubborn about getting my own work done before people come over, (even my friends.) Then, there is the sale itself: two full days, twelve hours long, of selling our junk to strangers. If that sounds easy, you’ve never had a garage sale. I was on my feet most of the time. Usually the sale is also a fun time to hang out with some of my best friends. We start drinking mimosas around 8 AM, switch to beer in the afternoon, and back to champagne or wine in the evening. We chat, we gossip and have a grand old time. This time, however, our sale was hopping from the minute we opened to when we shut it down at night. There were no relaxing afternoon lolls to sit and chat. There was also no time to eat, so I just treated it like a vacation, grabbed food on the fly when I could (regardless of calories,) and kept going. It wasn’t easy. While the sale was a success, the best we had ever had financially, it was also the most stressful. I was feeling mighty crunchy and blown out by the end.

This place had such very, very good pie. You can just tell, can't you?

This place had such very, very good pie. You can just tell, can’t you?

We wrapped it up late Saturday night. On Sunday I got some much needed rest and a little quality time with Julian, and then on Monday, I hopped a flight to Georgia. My plan was to try and rest up while on the road. I packed plenty of healthy snacks and was determined to eat, and rest, as well as I could while away. Sadly, things didn’t quite work out. What I wasn’t expecting was the moderately terrible hotel, the amount of time I would be eating (and drinking) with clients in less than ideal food situations, and the deliciousness of southern pie. I ate too much, slept too little, and didn’t get nearly enough exercise.

I flew back on Thursday and on the plane on the way back, I made a couple of decisions. It occurred to me that, as exhausting as the garage sale had been, it really got me fired up to clean up. I felt like I needed to take that energy and keep going – keep cleaning up the house, the yard, and even myself. I feel like my body was a lot like my house had been – a little cluttered and a little unorganized. It is time to take that back.

So, Friday I spent the day cleaning out a closet that has needed it (for years), and doing yard work. I also went on a liquid diet. Nothing fancy, I just drank tea, water, and protein shakes. The idea was not to starve myself or do anything crazy, it was just to hit the “reset” button a bit. I just wanted to flush some of the extra sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and whatever else toxins out of my system. It really wasn’t that hard to do, and I did feel better afterwords. I would definitely do it again when the need arises. Saturday I kept cleaning and added in fruits, veggies and nuts to my diet, and then on Sunday I added in a bit of dairy and some fish. I’m not changing my diet forever, I just wanted to eat simply for a few days and let my body recover from some of the things I’ve been putting it through lately.

You know what? I am feeling much, much better. I also spent time this weekend reading, taking naps, writing and taking care of myself. It has been awhile since I have been able to do that.

It feels good.


Photo credit: Luggage by robef on flickr

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