Ah, Nature

The woods at dusk 1 by A quiverful of fotosI managed to slip in another run the other night. Sadly, it made me realize that my week night trail running is over until spring. I made it fine, but at the end it was getting mighty, mighty dark. It was beautiful, however. A white tailed doe ran along with me for awhile, and when I ran by the river, a great blue heron flew overhead.

From now on though, it will have to be lighted locations after work, or at least at places not deep in the woods. I wasn’t afraid of predators (two legged or otherwise) but the thought of twisting my ankle in the dark crossed my mind a time or two. I do love trail running, so I’ll try to head out on the weekends still. Oddly, one of the things I love about being out in the woods is the hills.

Yes, the hills.

Not big hills, but little steep dirt bike style hills. You know what I mean? The super sharp kind that you can run up in less than a dozen steps. I feel like superhero going up those! There is nothing like that in the paved places I run.

In other news, Hermes and I got sprayed by a skunk. Normally I keep an eye out for critters when he and I are out on patrol, but it was raining fairly hard and I had my head down. We were in a residential neighborhood and the skunk was in the middle of someone’s lawn. I see skunks fairly regularly, (especially this time of year,) but usually they hear us coming and take off. I also try to give them a wide berth. This one though was in a mood, because he was turned and ready to go. He got us both. It wasn’t too bad for me since I was wearing rain gear, but Hermes pretty much got a direct shot. We both got baths as soon as I got home, but I have a feeling my pooch will be aromatic for awhile. Here’s the bright side – I pretty much have no sense of smell, and really, skunk isn’t a scent I usually pick up. So, as far as I am concerned, it’s not all that bad. (My coworkers might tell you another story, however!)


Photo credit: A Quiverful of Fotos on flickr

2 thoughts on “Ah, Nature

    • I’m not sure where this photo was from, I found it on flickr. But I picked it because it looked EXACTLY like my trail run! I am deep in the heart of Michigan. Creepy woods are our speciality, but honestly, the worst thing you’d run into is slipping and turning an ankle.

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