A Weekend Hike

I thought about going up to the cabin this weekend. It was one of my few weekends that was completely free before the onslaught of holiday busyness kicks in. What stopped me? Daylight Savings. Since Daylight Savings last weekend, sunset is at 5:30pm. By the time I got up there on Saturday, there would only be a few hours left. Then I would have to come back early on Sunday to avoid driving in the dark. (It’s fall, which means the deer are moving and there are a lot of deer by my cabin. I try to avoid driving in the dark up there this time of year if I can.)

So I stayed in town and had a “cabin weekend” at home. I did all the things I love to do “Up North”: I slept in, read books and took naps. I also went for a couple of runs and a hike in the woods.

The “woods”, in this case, is a park near where I grew up. It’s also near the cemetery where my father is buried. After he first past away, I would go visit his gravesite then follow it up with a hike. I haven’t been out there in fall though, it was a little different. Once all the leaves came down, the trails are harder to spot. You have to kind of trust your instincts and not look too close. If you concentrate too hard it’s easy to lose your way, but if you trust your gut, you’re fine. The other tricky thing was the tree roots. In the summer someone goes out and spray paints the ones that stick up out of the path so you can see them. In the fall, those helpful signs are covered in leaves. It pays not to get too cocky when you walk.

It was a lovely though. It was a cloudy day and Hermes and I were there about an hour before sunset, so we had the trails to ourselves. (He, of course, was in dog heaven.)


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