Cold Weather Runs


It’s coming…

Interestingly, I kind of like running in terrible weather. Saturday was windy, cold and kind of miserable. It was a far better run than Sunday, which was still cold, but more breezy and almost (but not quite) sunny. The lousy weather on Saturday gave me something to think about, and I felt tough for getting out there and running anyway. Sunday didn’t have those advantages.

One thing I finally figured out was to not fight nature. My route has some sloping hills and it occurred to me to run so that I was going down hill against the wind and up hill with the wind. Before I’ve tried to run against the wind uphill, and that just sucks.

My goal is try to get in at least two runs a week through November. Some of this is going to depend on the weather, but since actually do better in foul weather, I really have no excuses. Once December hits, I’ll just have to see how it goes. I don’t mind running in snow, but I will not run on slippery or un-shoveled sidewalks. I’m doing this for my health, after all, and it’s kind of hard to run with a twisted ankle!

I am happy about the double runs though, it would have been so easy to stay inside, in my comfy clothes, with a cup of tea, so regardless of run times or anything else, I can be happy I just got out there.

Photo credit: bagaball on flickr


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