Mamma Got a Brand New Hoop!

Guess what I bought myself?

A custom made hoop!

This is my new beauty, outfitted in the “peppermint” color scheme. I purchased it from the same lovely lady I took the hoop workshop from this fall. Last night I gave it a whirl. (HA!) I promised myself I would spend at least 10 minutes practicing. To make sure I didn’t give up too early, I set the timer on my phone for the 10 minutes. Not only did I not give up, I went on for another 10 after the timer went off!

At first I dropped it… a lot. After a bit though, it started coming back to me. At the end of 20 minutes I was ready to start trying to take steps while hooping.

Miserable failure. Once I shift my hips to take a step, the hoop hits the ground. That’s okay, it’s all part of the process. My hooping instructor could walk all around the room, keeping the hoop going the whole time. I am sure that in time, I can take a step or two!

I also ordered a new pair of ice cleats. I lost both of mine in snowbanks this last month. I’m determined to get back to exercising, at least a little every day. I need to keep moving!


Why the zzzzzzzsss are so Important

I write a lot about sleep, so I was fascinated by this infographic from the Huffington Post about sleep. (There is a lot more information on the website: Here’s A Horrifying Picture Of What Sleep Loss Will Do To You.)

Huffington Post Sleep


Not getting enough sleep is one of those things that I struggle with. I tend to be really effected when I’m shorted. I need at least 8 hours of good rest a night otherwise I am really, really grumpy. After reading this article, I have even more reasons for trying to get to bed on time!