Sunshine All Over the Place

sit awhile by JerryThis week has been ridiculously busy. The kind of busy that makes me want to shake my fist at the sky and curse the Gods of “Do More Stuff.” Fortunately there is a holiday weekend ahead, because my home needs some love. The grass is getting so long that I’m afraid small children will get lost in there. I have plants that need planting and flower pots that need filling and well, all sorts of things! I also just need to spend some time outside basking in this glorious weather.

Here’s an interesting little thing – I always hated the sun. I don’t really know why except that sun and suntans represented everything I hated in my larger body – running around, being active… sweat. Yuck. Beach bodies and outdoor sports and, well, summer in general – I hated all of it.

I don’t feel that way anymore. I still don’t have any particular urge to slather on some Coppertone oil and challenge the neighborhood to a game of beach volleyball, but I actually like summer. I like the sun. I like being hot. I’ve gotten comfortable with sweating.


Photo credit: Jerry via flickr

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