My Gloves Are Getting a Beating

oh dear...

oh dear…

This is a photo of my boxing gloves. See that tear? Yep, I am pretty much wearing these through. I’ve had them only since, what? June, I think.

I’m going to just tape them up a bit and keep going. Maybe I’ll ask for a new pair for Christmas. 🙂

I am not sure why boxing makes me ridiculously giddy but the idea of a kickboxing class leaves me cold. Maybe because I can learn to throw a pretty good punch, but I can’t seem to kick my leg more than 8″ off the ground? That might have something to do with it! In fact, even in boxing we have rotations that occasionally involve doing switch kicks. I love that there are a couple of theatre/dancer types in my class who manage to throw in a few jazz hands now and again. Me? I just curse my way through ’em.

I am getting better at other things, though. I’m getting better at remembering combinations at the bag, (although I still chant to myself “straight, jab, jab, hook, up, hook, hook, hook, hook” and so forth.) and I am definitely getting better at the ab floor exercises. So who knows? I am determined to be open to anything, maybe I’ll stop into the kickboxing class one of these nights. (You know, if there isn’t a boxing class scheduled instead!)

2 thoughts on “My Gloves Are Getting a Beating

  1. Nice! I had a punching bag in college but never really knew what I was doing, other than going in the garage with loud music and wailing on it until my knuckles bled. A class would be fun.

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