A Wonderful Weekend

dinner table art by danehavI had a wonderful weekend. It was relaxing, calm, productive and fun – what more can you ask for? It was a lazy sort of weekend, with plenty of time to kick back and read a book, but also some really nice time with friends. Plus, I got to do those little things around the house that make me feel good: laundry, cleaning, working out, and preparing food for the upcoming week, that kind of thing.

One of the great moments was having a long talk with my boyfriend about my goals. He is so supportive. He immediately volunteered to help with my Jump Fund goals. So this weekend, we ate in. We made our meals together – pulling things out of his ‘fridge and mine. In fact, the only money either of us spent on meals for the weekend was picking up some broccoli from the local organic market.

We both love to go out to eat, but honestly, both of us have really changed our diets of late, and eating out can be tricky. Eating in, however, was pretty simple. So, it turned out to be less hassle, more fun, healthier and less expensive. Awesome!

I am not cutting out dining out all together – not by any means. In fact, we went out one night to celebrate a friend’s birthday, but we had dinner at home first, and then just had a couple of drinks at the restaurant. I think that is how I would like treat eating out – as an occasion. I want to go out to for a reason – to try someplace new, celebrate with a friend, or enjoy a special event. What I don’t want to do is go out just because I can. That means means meeting friends for lunch, but packing my own when I am not. Since I have been tracking calories I haven’t gone out that much, but before this, I would regularly go out somewhere on my own. I like solo dining, and I like getting out of the office, but there are better ways for me to do that.

All this fits really neatly into my Health and Wealth goals. I want to treat myself better, but that doesn’t always mean buying something. Just as often as not, it means eating quality food, prepared with someone I love. It means taking a long walk on my lunch hour to get out of the office, rather than fleeing to a restaurant. And when I go out? Really making it about sharing time with people I care about.


Photo credit: danehav

Valentine’s Day Card for My Niece

This is the poem that was on the Valentine’s Day card I sent my niece. She’s far too young to understand it, but it almost made me cry when I read it in the card shop. I wish there had been more cards like this when I was a kid.

Wooden HeartSome girls are quite tall
And others are small
And some are in between.
Some girls like the color pink
While some prefer lime green.
A girl can be athletic
Or write poetry and prose,
She might wear little flowers on
her fingernails and toes.
A girl can be so many things –
Like kind and smart and fun…
And if she’s you, it’s certain
That she’s loved by everyone!


Sisters QuoteWeight Loss Update:

So, not only is my fabulous boyfriend on the weight loss journey, my sister is trying to take off a few pounds as well. Perhaps it is selfish of me to say this, but this is awesome. I have read that having a “weight loss buddy” is incredibly helpful, and now that I have two, I totally understand why.

Whenever you become focused on something, whether it’s weight loss, building a Deathstar, or urban homesteading, it’s easy to become a bit obsessed. That mental focus starts to drive you – to do research, make plans, try new things.  You are thinking about it all the time, and so, want to talk about it all the time. Having two people in my life that I can share with is wonderful. I know they will both support me and listen when I need to vent. They understand my frustrations… like when my coworkers put things like chocolate covered macadamia nuts and free pizza in the lunch room. (Seriously. Both of these in the lunchroom… which is right next to my desk!)

My boyfriend (who is doing low carb) and I (who is doing low cal) spent about an hour on our phones researching where we could go out for dinner. Neither of us got upset or bored because we were working on it together. I love that we can do that. I love that I can tell him how I am doing and where I am at, and not feel self conscious about it at all.

And as for my sister… we decided on a little competition!

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