I’ll Take All The Help I Can Get

I think we have a work out to do.

Why are you blogging? I think we have a work out to do.

I mentioned that I am trying to learn to do a perfect squat. I’ve got a long way to go – literally, there are a whole lot of inches before I can get my tush where it needs to be. I’m not naturally flexible, so this is a process. And can I just say that I hate instructions that say things like, “sit like you are going to sit in a chair and then just go all the way down.” Oh, really?!? No mention of “…and if your legs simply won’t bend that way because you haven’t taken a yoga class in 10 years and you are stiff as a board, try this instead…” Nope. Just go all the way down. ¬†Sigh….

But, I am determined. So, along with doing squats while working out, I am trying to find every day ways to practice my squat.

Fortunately, I have a dog.

Times to practice getting knees to bend and my butt towards the floor:

  • Picking up and replacing food and water bowls
  • Hooking on, and removing, the outdoor tie out
  • Hooking on, and removing, the leash for walks and trips outside
  • The cleaning up of dog poo on said walks and trips outside
  • While toweling down and drying Hermes from walks in the rain
  • While mopping up the floor when he shakes in the kitchen before I can towel him down from the walk in the rain
  • While performing manditory “I love you!” scratches and pets
  • The daily chore of picking up throw pillows and blankets that Hermes has decided do not belong on the couch and would look better on the floor

Really, he does it all for me. He’s my little furry workout buddy.

The Art of the Squat


Hmmm… I’m pretty good at the first position.

So… I kind of suck at squats. Being able to do good, clean, low squats is one of the challenges I have set myself, and I am working on it… but I have a long ways to go. The problem is the back of my legs. I’ve always walked on tiptoe, even as a little kid. My parents used to tease me about it when I first started to learn to walk, but even today, if I don’t have shoes on, I am likely to walk on my toes. It’s just one of those things. So, naturally as an adult, I love high heeled shoes. Over time I have tightened the back of my legs so much that flat shoes aren’t really comfortable to me. Thus, keeping my feet flat during a squat is a serious challenge. (I can squat like a son of a gun with heels up!)

Right now I am using the book The New Rules of Lifting for Women for weight training, and sure enough, there are squats involved. I’m working on them though. I’ve used chairs to help get myself in the right position, worked on one legged partial squats which don’t require me to go as low, but are still a good workout, and lately I’ve been doing them with weights. Having weights in my hands really does help. I’ll get there eventually – I’m determined. In the meantime, if I look a little like a cross between a duck and a weeble-wooble, I’m okay with that. After all:

"only the fools end up being cool" by we wander & wonder

“only the fools end up being cool” by we wander & wonder