The Recap

Horizon Blue Skies by Andre EleazerSorry I have been a bit MIA as of late. Last week I was traveling for work, and while on the road, I received some news that broke my heart. Being out-of-town and getting bad news is a special kind of salt in the wound. I grant you, there probably wasn’t a dang thing I could have done if I was here, but being hundreds of miles away from people you love at times like that sucks. It just does.

Anyway, between travel and work waiting for me when I got back, I’ve been a bit off my game. It doesn’t mean things haven’t been going on, I just haven’t had time to write about them. I thought I would write a quick “catch up” post on a handful of things and then over the next few days fill you in on some of the bigger things I’ve been musing on while driving state to state.

Work Outs


Working out on the road brings a special set of challenges. I was lucky the hotel that my trade show was at had both a pool and a fitness center. The pool was lovely, and one glorious night, I had it to myself for over a half of an hour. I love to swim, so it was a special treat, and chlorinated water does a good job of masking tears.

Unfortunately, the fitness center sucked. It was tiny… and hot… and smelled like other people. It only had five pieces of equipment and only one of them was a treadmill. I’m not a big fan of treadmills, but they aren’t bad in a pinch. The only good thing was that it was open 24 hours, so as the other guests and I scheduled our treadmill time around each other, we could work out at 3:00am if needed. (No, I didn’t end up working out at 3:00am – but I could have!)

The fitness center did not have a weight set, however, and that was a bit disappointing. I brought my resistance bands (which are easy to throw in a suitcase) but as hard as I try, I just don’t like them as much as good old-fashioned weights.


This is where I screwed up. Instead of using the lone treadmill in the sweatbox, I should have gone for a run. I brought my shoes. The problem was that I was fooled by the geography. A lot of the convention center/hotels that I go to for trade shows are located for convenience, not sightseeing. So, most of them are right off the expressway and usually located in an area that isn’t pedestrian friendly. Sure enough, this one looked like it was the same way – on a busy street right at the intersection of a couple of expressways. What I didn’t realize until the last day (when I took a client to dinner,) was that a short hop over was a beautiful area for walking or running! I’ve decided that next time I am in a new area I am going to do some pre-scouting on Google maps followed up by chatting with the locals. In this case, either of those two things would have done the trick.

On the upside, back in my hometown I did find a new park to run in before I left. That is to say, it isn’t a “new” park, just a new one to me. We’ll call this one Big River Park.  Big River is a great place to run! I had been there before a couple times before for various functions, but never walked the length of it. It has wide trails that are long and is perfect for running. It’s away from traffic and well shaded, two other features that I liked. I’ve run there twice recently, and I will be back again.

Other Fitness-y Kind of Stuff

Sunday I was lucky enough to be able to sneak away for a day and head up to my cabin. I went up with one thing on my mind – getting out the kayak. It was a breezy day, making it a bit more of a work out than either of the other times I have had it out, but still marvelous! I got to see a little water snake and some fish on their beds. I love that.

I’ve also started on my boxing DVD, but that will be a post of its own. All I have to say for right now is that it is so. much. fun! I actually find myself hoping I can get home a little early tonight so I can keep at it. How great is that?


Photo credit: Andre Eleazer

Unexpected Treasures

Do you know what this is?

It could be heaven.

It could be heaven.

It is a train full of books.

That’s right… it is a Train Full Of Books!

Now, there are many things I love, and two them are trains and books. A train full of books? Blows my mind.

And it is right here, in my city (Okay, in a neighboring small town suburb of my city, but still… in my city.) and I didn’t know about it. It’s been there for years! This train is attached to a tiny building that seems to defy the laws of space and time and is far larger inside than it appears, and is also full of books.  …and a couple of cats. (Named Zelda and Dickens.) It’s kind of a magical place.

Here’s the point – I keep thinking about traveling. I’m coming up on 40, and while the number doesn’t scare me, it does make me think about all things I have always wanted to do. One of those is travel. I keep finding myself dreaming about traveling to Norway or flying to Alaska, sitting by mountain lakes and exploring foreign cities. I want to go places, see things, have adventures!

Then I look at this photo and think – there is a whole lot, right here in my hometown, to experience yet. I drive by weird, funky restaurants I want to try all the time. We have scores of our own odd shops and interesting and beautiful places. My city is full of galleries, museums, and parks. And when I run out of exploring those – there are all sorts of quirky and fun towns all around me in easy driving distance.

It isn’t that I don’t think I am ever going to travel – I will. Presently, however, I have a limited budget and pretty intense schedule. So, the big trips will come, but until then I am going to try to find adventures right here in my own backyard.