Yoga Expectations – BLOWN!

Yoga in the Mountains By Tomas Sobek

This is what I would like to think I look like… (note: I don’t… yet)

A little while ago I wrote about the Yoga classes offered at the fitness studio I attend and how it hadn’t been the experience I had been looking for. However, there had been a fill-in instructor that night and a few other wonky things, so it wasn’t really a fair trial. I decided to go back and give it one more try. I wasn’t expecting much though. In fact, I was so sure that it wasn’t going to be class I would enjoy, that I was already composing a blog post in my head about not liking it – on the way to the studio!

See, I like the idea of Yoga – particularly learning to be more flexible. As I have mentioned before, flexibility is not my strong suit, so this is an area I’d like to work on. However, there are some aspects of modern Yoga culture that just don’t sit well with me.* I’m not going to go into details because I know a lot of people are passionate about their Yoga, but essentially, when I walk out of a class I want to be smiling and excited to go back. So far, none of the Yoga classes I’ve taken have done that for me. That isn’t to say that I was ready to write off all Yoga entirely, I know there are many different kinds and flavors – and instructors – and that can completely change your experience. But I was completely prepared to write off the classes at my Studio as more that just “weren’t for me.” More than prepared – I was planning on it!

I am so, so glad I gave it a second try though. I went last night and had a blast. That’s right – I had fun at Yoga. The regular instructor is a hilarious pixie who keeps the class moving, but keeps things light. She cracked little jokes as she lead us through the traditional Yoga poses I am used to, but also a mix of positions I’ve been learning in Pilates and a few things that seemed more like Dance moves. The music was a mix of regular songs (some I knew) and a lot of what we did was roughly choreographed, without being rigid. I don’t have any problem with the ambient new age style music that I usually hear during Yoga, I listen to it a lot at work. It is great for eliminating distractions, but there was something about doing Yoga to Tom Petty that really drove home that this class was a little different. I’m sure some people would hate it, but for me, it was a perfect fit. Sure enough, when I walked out of class that night, I was grinning ear to ear.

* Yep, I totally went for that pun.

Photo credit: Tomas Sobek via flickr